Assault and defense tactics in Rainbow Six Siege matches

R6 is an active shooter about the confrontation between terrorists and special forces on game maps, where one side is entrenched in a building, and the other must knock them out.

The project will have a strong system of destruction and agents for conducting matches.

Essentially, instead of entering territories along pre-established paths and defending them, you will be able to break through walls, roofs and windows to cause damage to enemies from unexpected sides.

You will play a series of games until one of the teams gets 8 rounds to win and r6 boosting, but no more than 15 rounds.

Each team will have time to play both attack and defense.

Rainbow Six Siege


Attack and tactics

The attackers in Rainbow Six Siege are police special forces, who must storm the building and destroy opponents, or defuse a bomb, or remove hostages.

There are several tactics and prank tips you can use.

Create new routes

If you play R6 the way the game itself suggests, then you will lose a lot of matches, especially in the attack, because the enemies will simply mine the main directions and block them and simply make it difficult for you to pass.

It’s better to break through walls and roofs and go through them at the same time and create chaos on the battlefield. The enemy will not be able to mine literally everything, so this will protect you during the assault.

Attack from different directions

The main advantage of the attacking side is a numerical advantage, because the defense must divide the players into different positions in the houses and cover many approaches to the building and hold the first onslaught until other players are pulled in, while the attack aircraft join forces in the attack and can even squeeze the enemy position from two or three sides, leaving the player no chance of survival.

Scout the area

Periodically, defensive players can play aggressively and try to find and destroy operatives before they begin their assault and quickly get away, even killing one special ops makes things much easier for terrorists and boosting in Rainbow Six Siege.

You just need to be careful not to miss the enemy coming to your rear, and if you destroy him, you will greatly simplify your future assault.

Aggressive assault

You don’t have to conduct reconnaissance or prepare for an assault, but just immediately rush into the location and attack enemies adventurously.

This tactic can work if other rounds fail, or if it has not been used for a long time and the enemy can be taken by surprise.

You simply quickly break one of the zones and run into the territory as a group. Your task will be to quickly knock out the defenders and gain a foothold to clear mines, or withdraw hostages to repel other opponents who will already be rushing to the aid of their comrades.

Defense and tactics

Playing defense on one side is more difficult, because your forces will be divided to cover important areas, but at the same time you will have time to take up defense and mine and strengthen the approaches, and even one player will be a good support for his team, whose main task will only be to survive before the main enemy forces arrive.

Aggressive Defense

You can choose not to mine or fortify one of the sides of the building and try to enter enemy territory and catch him in preparation for the assault. If you can eliminate at least one player and at the same time move back safely, then you will greatly simplify the task and boosting R6 for your team.

Remember that the enemy can understand that your zone is not fortified and immediately send all his forces there, so hurry up to take up defense and strengthen the approaches if you have time for this.

Distribution of forces, or classic round

All five players are distributed in important places for the defense of the object and act in pairs, with the last player balancing between them and ready to quickly come to the rescue in case of a breakthrough.

It is necessary to mine and strengthen dangerous points and, among other things, always be prepared for the fact that the enemy may begin to break through the roof and walls at the same time.

If possible, a free player can conduct reconnaissance using drones, or through visual observation.

If you manage to understand the main direction of the enemy’s attack, then you can give a command to move the entire squad and prepare in advance to repel the threat.

But remember that the enemy can create the appearance of an attack and attack in another place.

Take this into account and carefully check the situation before giving the command to move, otherwise you risk losing an important round.

Game of luck


If you have a problem with equipment, then for good luck, you can gather in a group at one of the points and just wait for the enemy to attack. If you are lucky, then you will have a good chance of destroying everyone, if not, then you will lose the round and go to knock out the enemy.

Rainbow Six Siege


Other tips

In R6, everything operates on counteraction – for any explosion there is a strengthening and vice versa.

An important role is played by the system of agents who must combine their tools to break through, or strengthen the defense in matches and boosting the Rainbow Six Siege rank.

Don’t forget about grenades – good stun and assault grenades can greatly stun the enemy and cause serious damage to him during an attack or defense, especially if you throw them directly into cover with your enemies.

Use the mechanics of roofs and walls, including when playing on the defensive side, if you climb out onto it and start attacking opponents while they are preparing for an assault.

When special forces gain a foothold at a point that needs to be held while clearing mines or removing hostages, you can use agent mechanics to independently strengthen potential terrorist approaches if they were not destroyed at the previous stage of the assault.

Just block the approaches, strengthen the walls, lay mines, throw grenades at them at the slightest noise, but remember in which direction the hostages are so as not to harm them.

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